Breakfast Platters
Butter & Chocolate Croissant Platter 
A tray of 4 handmade butter and 4 chocolate croissants

​Signature Almond Croissant Platter 
A tray of assorted almond croissants including 2 white chocolate pistachio, 2 raspberry almond, 2 chocolate almond and 2 almond croissants, sliced or whole

Signature Almond Croissant Platter with 3 Ham & Cheese 
A tray of assorted croissants including 1 white chocolate pistachio, 1 raspberry almond, 1 chocolate almond, 2 almond and 3 ham and cheese croissants, sliced or whole

Sandwich Platters
12 Piece Sandwich Tray 
Choose up to 3 types of sandwiches:  Black Forest Ham, Caprese, Chicken Salad, Turkey or Vegetarian on either baguettes or croissants

Focaccia - Half Sheet 12 pieces (must order a day in advance) 

Focaccia - Full Sheet 24 pieces (must order a day in advance) 

Whole Quiches 
Select from one of our homemade favorites:  
Quiché Lorraine with turkey bacon
Four cheese Quiché
Mushroom and leek Quiché

Salads and Drinks
1 Gallon of Coffee 

Large Fruit Salad Bowl 
Large bowl of seasonal fruit perfect for sharing, serves 8-12

Mixed Green Salad 
Mixed sprigs, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and soft-boiled eggs perfect for sharing, serves 6-8 people

Large Quinoa Salad 
Mixed greens, organic quinoa, fresh goat cheese, homemade oats with dried apricots honey, red onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and your choice of homemade orange balsamic vinaigrette or creamy ranch dressing, serves 6-8 people

Grilled Chicken Salad 
Mixed greens with fresh tomato, cucumber, soft boiled egg and grilled chicken perfect for sharing, serves 8-10 people

Cookie & Tart Platters
Coconut Macaroon Tray 
15 coconut macaroons - gluten-free

Chocolate Passion Cookie Platter 

10 chocolate passion cookies

Traditional French Butter Cookie Platter 
30 French butter cookies

Loïc Bakery Café Bar accepts special orders.  Feel free to contact the bakery if an item is not listed on the menu.

*Item made with nuts.  This is not a gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free facility.